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Drive app discoverability with the world’s largest burst platform

  • 300K incent downloads in 72 hours
  • 1.6M monthly active users
  • 1000s of new users a day

Why use FreeMyApps?

  • Massive download potential

    Massive download potential

    More volume than any other network: drive up to 300K downloads in 72 hours

  • Organic uplift

    Organic uplift

    Climb the app store ranks to boost visibility and acquire valuable organic users

  • Reach your tipping point

    Reach your tipping point

    Quickly build the critical mass of users necessary for viral growth

Learn more about the benefits of using FreeMyApps

  • Fraud Prevention Experts

    Sophisticated anti-fraud technology identifies abnormalities to ensure that you’re not paying for fraudulent installs

  • Proprietary iTunes Store Targeting

    Store targeting can double your incent volume and is only available through working with FreeMyApps directly

  • Go Direct, Save Money

    By going direct, you'll save money and receive more downloads at the same bid

  • Fast, Easy Campaign Setup

    The FreeMyApps team handles promotional copy, creative (app icon), campaign setup and optimization

  • Managed or Self-Serve

    Work with a dedicated account team or set up your campaign yourself and pay via credit card

FreeMyApps works with leading tracking solutions

  • Fiksu server-2-server & SDK
  • Tune
  • Kochava
  • Localytics
  • Mobile App Tracking by TUNE
  • AdX Tracking
  • Adjust
  • Apsalar
  • AppsFlyer

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