Meed Tournaments

Acquire today’s top mobile gamers with Plunder League - our newest rewards app

Meed Tournaments

Why use Meed Tournaments?

  • Drive new downloads

    Acquire engaged users through competitive tournaments where your app is the arena

  • Continuous engagement

    Use additional tournaments to engage existing users and re-engage those you have lost

  • Win long-term players

    Tournaments encourage more than just one-time use: they drive competition and loyalty

Our gaming community

  • 33% increased retention compared to organics

  • 76% complete the game’s tournament goal

  • 80% of tournament winners continue playing the app 7 days after install

How does it work?

  • 1.Users view all current tournaments in the Plunder League app

  • 2.Users select a tournament and download your game

  • 3.You set the goals, the timeframe, and the rewards

  • 4.Users compete to be the best - providing you with new, dedicated users

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