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Making Our Mark on the App Industry

Posted on October 27, 2016 by Spencer Scott


For the past 5 years, FreeMyApps has helped app publishers acquire new users by improving discoverability in the iOS and Google Play app stores. Now, with consumer mobile usage soaring, there are a lot of exciting new approaches to reach users. I shared my thoughts on the industry with VentureBeat: Gaming the system: Why you need to get your mobile users competing.

We’re introducing new products with an eye toward these trends. Even with increased usage, and despite the many solutions available, it can be difficult to acquire new users and engage an audience. We believe that rewards marketing can be used to accomplish both. With that, I’m proud to introduce Meed as a new independent company, which will include FreeMyApps as part of our product suite.

We’re excited to see our dedicated effort finally come to fruition. The hard work that went into this illustrates our team’s passion and commitment to making our vision a reality: providing multiple, engaging ways for consumers to interact with brands, while also offering brands the opportunity to find engaged, valuable app users.

The mobile app industry keeps growing at an incredible rate; according to Forrester, more than 1 billion global consumers now own a mobile device and the average person uses around 24 apps every month. In response to that increased demand, we are introducing new apps that expand how users can be rewarded for interacting with app publishers. We hope that by combining awareness and engagement into a single powerful platform for discovery, we’ll set the tone for the industry and help more companies be successful while giving a better experience to app users like you and me.

Our Tournaments product is especially exciting. We knew there was a big opportunity for something like this when we observed the growing popularity of eSports, where huge communities of gamers compete for prizes. That inspired us to bring that same competition and reward experience to mobile, where even more gamers can play and win. For marketers, Meed Tournaments will be a new way to drive downloads, ensuring continuous engagement and winning long-term players. Because Meed Tournaments sits outside the game, it allows game publishers to preserve their experience while still taking advantage of eSport dynamics.
Our introduction of Tournaments is just the start of our broader platform that uses rewards to connect app publishers with consumers. I’m thrilled to share this announcement today and reflect on our shared efforts. I am struck by our team’s ambition and eagerness to keep pushing the envelope. Today is just a step toward further innovation, and like any good team, I know our sights are already set on the next big win. I’m honored and grateful to be part of an organization that has fostered a unified belief in our vision.

Spencer_HeadshotSpencer Scott is the CEO of Meed. Having spent more than 20 years in tech, he has helped app marketers drive hundreds of thousands of installs and led teams that drove more unique U.S. traffic than any other incentivized ad network. An active advisory board member of Yesware, he has also served on the board of companies acquired by Facebook and Groupon. He is considered a prominent thought leader in the ad tech space, having spoken at events including Digiday, ad:tech, Casual Connect and more. Spencer previously served as the CEO of FreeMyApps, the world’s largest mobile app and game discovery network, which will continue to operate as a Meed offering. You can follow him on LinkedIn.