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Insider Look: Working at Meed Mobile

Posted on January 27, 2017 by Jacob Desmarais

Meed Mobile Culture

Company culture cannot be made and forced upon a group of people. It is the byproduct of a group of individuals working together. Every employee brings their personality to the team and adds to the dynamic. Company culture isn’t just an HR phrase for mandatory social activities and work benefits. You’ve got to like where you work.

I have worked in environments where my fellow employees watch the seconds tick by in anticipation of the dash to their car and weekend freedom. Or those who abuse breaks and PTO, only to slump back in their desk chair the following Monday with a large sigh.

At Meed I believe we all enjoy what we’re doing, and because of that we’ve created an environment that pushes one another to be our very best. Meed is a small company and every employee from our CEO to our newest Coop is important to our success. We respect one another for the knowledge and experience, but are open to critiques and criticism. We all work hard, not for the weekend but for each other and the success of the products we create.

Working at Meed is the most comfortable I have felt in a job. We are located in downtown Boston on Newbury St, and I walk to work each day from Cambridge (it’s only 2.5 miles!). Our office is wide open with large windows, and while we each have our own desks, there are multiple areas with couches and other seating to relax or collaborate with others.

Our kitchen has a great variety of snacks and our fridge is always stocked with beer for post-work activities. On a Friday afternoon our Sonos speakers are blasting music and there is usually a group huddled around the foosball table. Lately we have been playing around with a Playstation VR and trying out all of the awesome and strange experiences (pro tip: don’t drink and VR).

Because the office is so open we are incredibly social. Everyone is always discussing movies, TV shows, what they did last night or what’s going on in the news. It really feels like coming to work with a group of friends each day. Ones you have fun with, but know you can depend on to work as hard as possible.

Having worked in billing offices, manufacturing plants, classrooms, restaurants and more, I feel I can say it’s the people who make the job. At Meed we’ve been through tough times and great times together, but we are as excited as ever. In the past 6 months alone we have launched several new products and thought up ideas to a hundred more.

I enjoy coming in to work every day because I have a great group of people to work with. Whether I am still deep in spreadsheets at 9pm, or we’re listening to music and having fun at 4 in the afternoon, I know there is a great team around me performing at their very best. I am excited to see where the 2017 brings us and I know the Meed team will be pushing ourselves the whole way.


ABOUT Jake Desmarais

Jake graduated from Plymouth Statue University in 2012 with a B.A. in History and has been working in the Mobile Marketing industry since 2014. He currently manages the Ad-Operations team at Meed. Outside of work he plays music in a band, takes flying lessons and enjoys reading.