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From interruptions to interactions: How marketers can stay relevant

Posted on May 8, 2017 by Olga Shchors

From interruptions to interactions: How marketers can stay relevant

Advertising has been interrupting experiences for years. All day every day we see ads – some analysts even report that we are exposed to as many as 20,000 ads a day. Whenever a new entertainment medium emerges, whether radio, television, web browsers or smartphones, a new form of interruptive advertising has followed. While the most familiar form of interruptive advertising is a TV commercial, mobile is not immune to interruptive advertising.

With smartphones and tablets in the hands of almost every consumer and the ever-increasing popularity of ad blockers, marketers are beginning to adjust their mobile strategies to experiment with ad formats that are more appealing to consumers. With a litany of options available, content publishers across an array of mediums are making a concerted effort to improve the user experience. Mobile app publishers are especially susceptible to this pressure, as users can switch between thousands of options at the click of a button.

Interruptions and irrelevance are threatening the longevity of apps. Analysts have found that more than 80 percent of all downloaded apps are used only once and then deleted by users. This coupled with recent survey findings from Fiksu that indicate 77% of people delete an app if they repeatedly receive the same irrelevant ad, means that app marketers need to be smart and tactical with their ads if they want to both reach and retain users. This has huge implications for the business that want to get their ad seen but don’t want to cross the line and be obnoxious. With nearly 70 million Americans using an ad blocker, it is important now more than ever for marketers to take a more innovative approach.

With marketers striving to go beyond mere viewability, mobile advertisers and app developers are adjusting their efforts to achieve long-term engagement and loyalty. To combat the issues that interruptive advertising poses, new platforms are emerging that allow brands to reach consumers in ways that mimic in-app experiences, eliminating the perception of an interruption. App publishers are becoming quite sophisticated in their selection of ad formats, recognizing that this choice can enhance the overall experience rather than detract from it. For example, gamers report higher satisfaction levels with rewarded video ads than traditional pop-up ads. As for Meedmobile, we’ve helped gaming apps find success using tournaments to build a community of engaged users.

Meed Tournaments

Tournaments are especially beneficial because they provide value to the user; rather than just interrupting their experience in an app, tournaments provide an opportunity for users to sample a game and introduces new benefits, such as access to new games, rewards, competition and a social community of gamers. As the rise of the eSports industry has shown us, gamers love competition and the sense of community associated with a league. Implementing tournaments creates an inherently interactive and engaged community that benefits both the players and the marketers looking to reach them.

Through interactive communities, apps are impacting and changing the future of marketing. Brands are reaching users and garnering continuous engagement through competitive tournaments, which is helping to build loyalty and long-term, repeated use of the app. To encourage interactive ad experiences, app publishers are striving to take the app experience and transfer an identical one to an ad to expand their audiences and find the best possible users which help to fit that missing piece into their user acquisition puzzle: loyalty. MeedMobile is helping to solve this puzzle by creating a central location for a community of users to find apps and engage with them through tournaments over time, which is proving to help drive new downloads, ensure continuous engagement and win long-term players.


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