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March 2, 2017

The App Sticking Point: Ensuring Success Beyond the Install

Imagine you’re playing your favorite game, and you receive a gift card for reaching a certain score. Now imagine this happens when you complete a purchase within a shopping app? Would these rewards influence your continued use of the app? Many mobile marketers have begun leveraging rewards to combat an ever-evolving app ecosystem. As more and more apps are created, app marketers have continually struggled to get discovered, downloaded and, now more than ever, find engaged users. In this piece, Alex Kalish (pictured below), vice president of engineering at Meed, discusses the best way to encourage users to complete an action and ingrain behaviours as habit in the lives of consumers. Read full article

February 2, 2017

Replicating the success of your favorite apps

In today’s digital age, many entrepreneurs spend a lot of their time thinking about how they can develop a startup that becomes the next great tech innovation story. If the measure of success is to be mentioned in the same breath as Netflix, Uber and Dropbox, it’s important to take a closer look at the things these companies have done right over the years. Read full article

January 16, 2017

Creative interactions can drive engaged mobile app users

Acquisition vs. engagement: it’s the mobile app publisher’s dilemma. Being found in the upper ranks of an app store guarantees more new users, but keeping those users engaged over long periods of time can be difficult. In fact, analysts have found than more than 80 percent of all downloaded apps are used only once and then deleted by users. Read full article

November 7, 2016

Gaming the system: Why you need to get your mobile users competing

When a new app publishes, it has to overcome the challenge of discoverability. In the iOS ecosystem alone, there are around two million different apps available in the App Store on any given day. And there’s a reason for this high volume: Apps are pretty lucrative, with total app revenues projected to top $75 billion by next year. Read full article

November 3, 2016

Meed’s ‘Tournament App’ Designed to Boost Mobile User Engagement

MAW has learned that well known rewards platform Meed has launched Meed Tournaments, billed as “a new way to drive engagement and app awareness through tournaments.” Read full article

November 2, 2016

New Tournament App Drives Mobile User Engagement

Mobile rewards platform Meed today introduced Meed Tournaments, a new way to drive engagement and app awareness through tournaments. Tournaments reward an app’s best players, directly aligning a company’s marketing spend with its broader performance and loyalty objectives. Read full article

November 2, 2016

New Tournament App Drives Mobile User Engagement

Meed launches first-of-its-kind rewards app to kick off new mobile engagement product suite. Read full article

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