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7 Top Tips for Marketing Your App for the Holidays

Posted on October 25, 2016 by Crystal Typermass

The holiday season is upon us. As most marketers know, this season is a prime time for mobile applications marketing. Millions of new devices are given as gifts, making it a massive opportunity for brands to capture new loyal app users.  

With the right tactics in place, you can ensure you get the most out of your marketing spend and reach your goals during this key period.

Here are our top tips for marketing your app for the holidays:


What matters most to your brand? Set your expectations by identifying your goals first.

Does raw download volume matter the most? How about downloads at a specific CPI, or the type of users who purchase your app, or the amount of social shares you generate—or even something outside your app?

The more closely aligned your campaign is to your goals, the better off your results will match expectations.


Do you know what type of data you have available to you? There are 3 types of data you should be using to build audiences: your own (first-party) data, provider data and third-party data.

Your company data could include things such as website visitors, app data, CRM/DMP data or data from mobile tracking partners.

Leverage your data by creating lookalikes – new users who are similar to your existing ones, with a strong likelihood to engage in high-value events inside your app.

Provider data is another important component, and can include valuable targeting data such as mobile personas built on recorded user behaviors.  


What matters most to your business goals: the raw numbers in terms of users and visibility, or return on investment?

If you are at the stage where focusing on ROI is imperative, you need every user to be profitable. Other advertisers might be more focused on building as large a user base as possible to reach the Top 5 ranks on the app stores.

It’s worth considering a balanced approach  – a blend of the two app marketing strategies mentioned above.

In this approach, app store rank is a component, but not the only goal. This also usually means campaigns designed to increase rank are done at specific times when it makes the most sense from a long-term value perspective.


A new phone can mean cleaning out unused apps – or rediscovering them.

Reaching out to your existing or lapsed user base by introducing a new version can increase engagement and boost loyalty. Apps that release updates during the holidays see their users increase 4 times faster and report more sessions per user.  Re-engaging users before their upgrade means making your app top of mind again.  


Add some holiday cheer to your app’s user interface.

If you don’t have a substantial update to release for your app, you could release an update that gives your app a holiday makeover. Use a holiday theme throughout the user interface, add holiday extras or customize virtual goods. App Stores tend to feature holiday themed apps, so this could be good exposure for acquiring new users as well as engaging your existing base.  


Don’t forget to incorporate your holiday app marketing across all channels.

The best way to get app exposure is to promote it through all your marketing channels – email, website, social and mobile.  For example, if a user is on your mobile responsive website on an iPhone, add a call-to-action to download your app on the App Store.  


The app industry continues to boom in January.

Smartphones opened during the holidays are still “new” for weeks to come – and download activity in January has been even higher than December.  New smartphone users go on app downloading and app testing sprees in the new year with app proliferation continuing well into January.  Keep engaging your users well after the holidays!

About Crystal Typermass

Crystal graduated from Cornell University and brings with her over 7 years of experience in B2B and B2C digital marketing. She has helped a cross section of America’s oldest heritage brands, Fortune 500 companies and tech startups significantly increase their lead generation and retention. Her work has been featured on the David Letterman website and the Huffington Post.

She’s now director of marketing for Meed Mobile, a global leader in mobile rewards. In her free time, she consults on email best practices for Boston and Manhattan based non-profits and startups. Crystal jams to 90s alternative rock, loves yoga and struggles with an addiction to spicy Cheetos.  You can follow her on LinkedIn.