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7 Innovative Apps of 2016 You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Posted on December 27, 2016 by Crystal Typermass


We all know about Snapchat, Instagram and Uber, but with over 4 million apps in the Apple and Google app stores there are a lot of apps you probably haven’t heard of that are pushing the boundaries of technology.

These are 7 apps that are changing the ways we interact, communicate and get things done.



SpinMe Alarm Clock

If you continually press snooze on your alarm, this app is for you. The only way to turn off the alarm is by getting out of bed and physically spinning yourself around until the alarm stops. It really does get you out of bed.





Ever hear a song at a bar you just can’t stand? Us too. That’s why we like TouchTunes. TouchTunes lets you control music in bars and restaurants (venue must have a TouchTunes jukebox). The app is like a remote control for the jukebox and let’s you search and play your favorite songs.





Shyp is probably a bit more well known with The New York Times calling it “magical” and Buzzfeed proclaiming Shyp “officially the easiest way to ship something.” Our sales team loves using Shyp because you get the best rates and you can schedule a pick up on the go.





We like Plato because it brings elements of community and social messaging to gaming. You can play pool with your friends while chatting. The interface is simple and Plato offers a lot of different games (pool, chess, letterati and more) in one app. If your friends aren’t online you can play with members of the Plato community or the Platobot.





The app gamifies iOS 10’s new sticker feature. You and a friend take turns drawing parts of a creature. You only get to see what your friend has drawn after the whole monster is completed. The newly created StickyMonster is then revealed to both players, and turned into an iMessage Sticker. Meed Mobile employees have called this app “hilarious and fun.” You see some ridiculously funny creations in the end.




SongKick Concerts

SongKick gives a seamless experience for finding and buying your favorite artist’s concert tickets. First off, you can import your favorite bands from iTunes or Spotify, and SongKick will build a personalized local concert guide based on your import. They’ll also let you know when new concerts and festivals are announced, and you can buy tickets through the app.




Krossover Coach

Krossover Coach helps coaches improve their team’s’ performance by letting you film and analyze games. Coaches can use the app’s filter tools to quickly search, sort, and share individual clips or entire games. The app has been statistically proven to help your team win more games.